Take a proactive approach to HR online

When it comes to HR online platforms, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the load alone. Our enterprise HR solution pairs you with a dedicated HR pro to save you time and resources and help you stay ahead of new rules and regulations. We can help you stop the guesswork so you can focus on the HR priorities that matter to your employees.

Tailored HR Plan

Your HR Pro will help you start building your HR action plan and map out HR tasks, initiatives, and goals to ensure your business is compliant and protected.

Quarterly Partnership Report

See the return on your HR investment each quarter with our easy-to-read quarterly report. Analyze completed projects and identify how your HR has become more efficient and effective.

Regular Check-ins

Your HR Pro will check in regularly to review and discuss progress with your HR Action Plan. You will also review milestones and define upcoming priorities, as well as control the agenda and the frequency of the check ins on a schedule that works for you.

Personalized Employee Handbook

A comprehensive, compliant employee handbook is one of the most important HR documents for any business. We’ll help you create a handbook tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of your business.

Strategic Plan

Compliance is only a portion of your HR story. We shift the focus from protection to value creation by developing strategic tools to foster an efficient workplace, attract and retain great employees, and build company culture.

Ongoing Collaboration

Now that the building blocks are in place, your HR pro will work with you to continually develop, update, and refine your HR processes, incorporating the latest best practices and regulatory changes as they arrive.

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